F A Q’s

F A Q’s

  1. How can I pay for the classes?

Classes can be paid for in a number of different ways; Cash on the day, cheque made out to ‘Hannah Ball’ or Bank transfer.

If wanting the full payment discount, any of the above payments will need to paid on the first day of the term.

  1. How can I sign my child up to a class?

To sign your children up to any of the classes is very simple. Email their name, age and desired class to info@shoutoutdrama.co.uk. Alternatively get in touch via phone or text to speak to Hannah.

  1. Do I need to stay with my child/children whilst the class is happening?

This depends on what class it is your child is attending. For the after school clubs we ask parents to wait in the designated area outside of the room to allow the children feel comfortable within their peer group however for the toddler classes and some of the holiday classes the parents must stay with their children. Each class will clearly state whether parents should stay but please ask if you are not sure.


  1. If I pay for the full term and my child misses a class, can I get a refund?

No, there are no refunds given however depending on the reason behind their absence, we can offer rolling that class over to the next term.

  1. My child is nearly 5, can they join a drama class?

If your child is attending school and their birthday is within 6 months, they are welcome to try a class and if they can keep up and enjoy it they are welcome to join the class.


  1. My child has a friend staying over, can they attend the class too?

We are happy to accommodate for an extra child within our classes on a one off basis but they must still be paid for. We are happy to offer a 25% discount if it is one off occasion.


  1. Does my child have to wear a uniform t-shirt?

Yes, all children who attend our after school drama classes or certain holiday classes must wear a uniform t-shirt. This is to unify the children within the class and also for safety and knowing instantly which children are in our care. If your child’s t-shirt is lost, please speak to a facilitator to purchase another.


  1. Do you have a venue to host Parties in?

No, Shout Out! do not have a venue to host parties in however we will come to a pre-booked venue or your home and can also help to source a venue at a small additional charge.


  1. Do you offer a sibling discount?
    Yes, starting in January 2017 we offer a 20% discount to siblings. If there are 3 or more children we offer a 40% discount of the 2nd and following children.

 Do you have a question that is not answered here? No problem, please feel free to get in touch via the contact us page.